Recyclables Collection on Doorstep is available to clients, however, preliminary segregation into paper, plastic and metals, as demonstrated below, is required prior to collection for further processing.

Waste Paper is sorted into three categories (Newspaper, Office Paper and Corrugated Fiberboard), hauled to recycling shops, baled and exported to mainland China after collection for manufacturing regenerated paper.

Only PET, LDPE, HDPE and PP, of which would be transported to our recycling factory at Tuen Mun, could be accepted. Waste plastic would undergo shredding, cleaning, sorting and extruding into pellets, of which as a type of raw material could be exported to mainland China for re-manufacturing.

Shredding & Cleaning
Pellet Extrusion

We have registered as EPD licensed food waste collector, enabling us to provide food waste collection services to various clients in Hong Kong. After collection, food waste are transported to O Park (formerly known as Organic Resource Recovery Centre Phase I) for anaerobic digestion and composting. Documents of proof and recycling reports are available to clients for record keeping.
We also partner with EPD and NGOs and provide complimentary workshops on proper food waste segregation to ensure the quality of food waste meets the Centre requirements.