About Us

We are recycling and waste management company.

We find Hong Kong recycle and waste management policy are 20 years behind from other regions with similar economy, it really makes recycling difficult. There is about 15,000 Metric tons of municipal solid waste going to landfill everyday due to nearly zero cost of landfill tax and no producer responsible scheme in Hong Kong. (https://www.wastereduction.gov.hk/en/assistancewizard/waste_red_sat.htm)

Therefore, we are working to change the situation of Hong Kong waste management and recycling.


Due to easy dumping and not responsibility of the waste producer, we are the weak business sector of local Hong Kong recycle field. We cannot sustain our operation when people have free option to dump their waste. Without proper separation from the source and adequate amount, the recycle action in Hong Kong almost stops.



To build greener Hong Kong and let “recycle” really happen in Hong Kong. We then finally can build up a circular economy by making Hong Kong to achieve more sustainable development( SD).  SD is the development model without harming the environment and develop for a better future.

SD is built on three elements: economic, environment and social. It is an innovative economic development pattern instead of just pursuing the short term benefit by ignoring our environment. We need to develop by measuring how the earth’s capacity and protect it, instead of just ripping the nature resources off.  We need to maintain the social justice while achieving the economic benefit. That is who human development can be sustainable.


First and foremost, we need to reduce.
We avoid any solid waste to go to landfill or even incinerate, we hope we can reuse and recycle them so that the material can go back to circular economy. We are strive to make the related recycle polices happen in Hong Kong ( MSW charging, PRS, landfill ban, etc) so that the free dumping activities can be regulated and also analysis how the policy can help our recycle sector perform better in Hong Kong.