Recycle Bin Management:

There are around 9 Metric tons ( 9,000kg paper ) of waste paper and 3.6 Metric tons of ( plastic )

What Chun Shing can do:

Our other trucks for reference: big container truck to take huge items and mini van

Waste management and audit system : The Use of RFID to achieve DATA
Mission: to know where waste position is; what is waste; how can reduce waste; who should take part to help to reduce waste; When can achieve the waste reduction target.
We can do 360 waste tackle strategies once we implement these procedures step by step. To get these done, we need data to start with data. Therefore, we recommend to work with RFID waste management system.
RFID technology systems are being integrated into waste haulers’ and municipalities’ customer relationship management (CRM) and billing system to improve customer service and billing accuracy.

RFID codes on carts are also used by haulers to confirm when pickups have been performed.

In typical industry applications, inexpensive RFID tags are affixed to commercial containers, while waste and/or recycling trucks are equipped with RFID readers. When a cart or container is serviced, the RFID reader recognizes and records the RFID tag. The RFID tag and the geo-coordinates for the location of the service are then sent back to a central database. In HKUST, we can use RFID-tagged waste and recycling carts that transmit information—including the pick-up location, weight after scale and date—to a reader located the overall waste generations among all the pick-up spots.


We can use the electric scale to weight the waste bin after using RFID reader to read the bin’s RFID tag, so that the scale can send out the data format ( 1)weight kg; (2)time; (3)bin ID. We then collect the data package thru 3G signal to our cloud server. Then we can present the data to HKUST sustain team thru either website or APP.

So that we can monitor which is the most serious waste generation black spot per capita, then we know what position has to be improved. We can decide what to do and how to do waste reduction, so that we can reduce waste production in all means.
In long run, we can do waste audit to understand what kind of waste has been generated and try to do
“Reduce, reuse and then recycle”. We recommend the waste hierarchy to all of our stakeholders by 360 analysis about first reduce, then reuse, and then recycle instead of throw all to trash bins.

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