Smart device – cloud server based waste & recycle system.

The following video clip show how we measure the waste in a smart way by identify the Bin ID, then we will weight the bin and send the data to the server.

For this practice, we can know when, where, how heavy of different location waste collection. For this reason, we can provide recycle consultant and collection service to our clients.


Recycle Bin Management:

Conventional recycling services require drivers picking up recyclables on a regular basis. This might be uneconomical since the recyclable bins might not be at a full capacity upon collection, potentially wasting resources and manpower. In the traditional method, the client needs to notify the recycling company to collect the recyclables if the recycling bin is full. However, the recycling company might not be able to mobilize the vehicles for collection instantly after the customer’s request. Thus, the recycling process is deemed inefficient.

In order to solve this problem, we have devised recycling bins with sensor installed to determine the remaining capacity of the recycling bin. A signal is repeatedly sent every hour, until the confirmation from the client is received. When the bin is nearly full, the sensor will send the message to the server. The client will receive the message via the application or website. Then the driver is responsible for providing data (quantity, weight and suggestion) which will be stored in the database. After that, the Admin server generates the Job Report based on the record in Job Database which is sent to the client company in a format of text or PDF file (available for printing and saving) in the client app. Finally, the driver delivers the waste for recycling/ disposal/ destruction. If the server has not received a request from the sensor for a period of time it is assumed that the particular bin has been disconnected from the power supply, and hence the client will receive a notification to reconnect the bin. The client is notified by SMS message/ Email/ Notification on smart device (if App is installed).

The new method of recycling can reduce the cost of human resources and time.A transmitter, installed on the lid of the recycling bin, transmits and receives the signal for determining how full is the recycling bin




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